Hands On - Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning for Workers

Hands On - Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning for Workers

NFPA Code 96 Mandates Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Hood Systems be Inspected & Cleaned by a Trained, Qualified & Certified Person. This work is ENFORCED BY FIRE INSPECTORS & INSURANCE COMPANIES NATIONWIDE!

This is a 2-day Hands-On Training in Sanford, FL for Employees of kitchen exhaust hood cleaning companies looking to get trained and Certified as an Exhaust Hood Cleaner and Inspector. This course DOES NOT include Marketing, Pricing & Estimating, Bidding on Government School Contracts or phone support.

Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning otherwise also known as “Vent Hood Cleaning” is a solid business model with high profit margins and is government regulated and enforced by both fire inspectors and insurance companies nationwide for all restaurants.

The MFS online self-study course is shot from a live 3-day course and is the most affordable and smartest way to get trained and certified by watching our pre-recorded videos. You can take this course any time and do it at your own pace. Most finish it in just 3 days from the comfort of your own home.
It comes with an MFS Training Manual, the NFPA Code 96 Book, and your certification as an MFS Certified technician and inspector in Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning as per NFPA Code 96.  Our certification is good nationwide in the USA including all of Canada.

Course duration: 9,5 hours 

Next Hands On Training Dates:

  • June 24-26

  • July 22-24

  • August 19-21

  • September 16-18

  • October 7-9

  • November 11-13

  • December 9-11



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What you will learn:

-  Introduction to Kitchen Exhaust Hood System

– Components of
Air Movement in a Restaurant

– Grease Buildup
in an Exhaust Hood System

– At the Start
of the Cleaning Process

– During the
Cleaning Process

– After the
Cleaning Process

– Documentation
After a Cleaning

– Theory of
Exhaust Hood Cleaning

– Components
of an Exhaust Hood System

– Exhaust
Filters, Ducts, Fans and Access Panels

– Important
Things to Know About Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

– Inspection and Cleaning of Kitchen Cooking

– Safety When Cleaning an Exhaust Hood System

– Pre and Post Cleaning

– Tools, Chemicals and Equipment Needed

– Estimating Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

– Required Forms for Kitchen Exhaust System

– Protection of Commercial Kitchen Workspace Areas