Certifications: Cooking Oil Filtration

Save Restaurants Money on their Cooking Oil

Teach restaurants how to cut their fryer oil costs by 50% or more saving them thousands of dollars each month. You make money selling them oil filtration machines and residual income from the monthly filters they use and from the collection of their vegetable waste oil.

You will learn how to start your own business in Fryer Oil Filtration & Waste Oil Collection.
Restaurants spend thousands of dollars each year on cooking oil. You provide them with an oil filtration solution to cut their oil cost by 50% or more while serving the best fried food to their customers. After they maximize the life of their oil and they throw it out, we will show you how to make money by managing the picking up of the waste oil and selling it to biodiesel plants that will buy it from you.

Our Favorite Oil Filtration Machine:
Micro Filter King is the Mercedes of the oil filter industry. Filters down to 10 microns w/ 2 filter systems, portable, Rev pump, 120lbs, 5GMP pump, High Temp 1/3HP motor. Micro Filter King is easy to use & clean. The technology removes saturated fat & everything from breadcrumbs to flour by polishing & extending the life of your cooking oil, giving you the best quality fried food 7 days a week. USA made and parts.

Most oil filter machines just catch the big particles, we call them bread crumb catchers. But that will not extend the life of your oil or improve the quality of your fried food… only a microscopic oil filter machine can do that. Micro Filter King is a superior commercial oil filter machine that is unlike other commercial fryer filter machines… making it one of the best fryer filter machines in the country.

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Offer Restaurants a Chance to Save Money

At the same time, add 3 revenue streams to your business:
1) Sell Filtration Machines
2) Collect Filter Revenue
3) Resell Waste Oil.


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