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MFS Trade School provides training & certification in multiple niche trades, so that you can be a ONE-STOP-SHOP for restaurant kitchens cleaning services.

Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

This course Includes 2 certifications for Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning and Kitchen Exhaust Hood Inspection as per NFPA Code 96 guidelines. This course is offered both via Online pre-recorded training videos and/or 3-Day Hands-on training in Orlando Florida.


You will learn the basics of how to safely and professionally degrease and clean commercial kitchen appliances, what tools and equipment to use, what chemicals to use, and how to get the job done in a timely manner.


Every restaurant In the nation cleans their premise, front and back, every night, and yet you will find less than a dozen companies offering this service In your state! Learn how to set up, manage and run a successful restaurant cleaning company.

Virus Disinfecting

Learn to safely mix and apply concentrated disinfectants for effective cleaning in diverse settings like restaurants, schools, kitchens, hospitals, offices, and more in this comprehensive course.

Public Entity Bidding

We teach you the foundation of how to become a bonded contractor & bid on public entity and government jobs and where to find them. There's another world of thousands of jobs from ALL the sub trades that go out to bid daily. Learn how to tap into this opportunity & learn trade secrets to expand your business.

Start Your Own $1M Restaurant Cleaning Business

This is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to live out your American Dream and start working for yourself instead of other people.

FREE WEBINAR - MFS Founder Talks About How You Can Build a $1M Cleaning Business

Serial Entrepreneur & Founder of the MFS Trade School, Christos Daskalakis, talks about how you can build a Million-dollar cleaning business by offering multiple cleaning services to local restaurants in your area. We explain the basic ins and outs of 5 different cleaning niche trades and how much money you can make from each. Click here to watch.

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“The school has my 5 stars, after these past years I have learned that the more services you offer to your clients. This has given me more opportunities to do business which has added quality of work. This is what makes us different from the competition. Thank you for the professionalism, help and collaboration that I have received from the instructors when I have needed their advice.”

- Miguel Molina

"I found the materials and the classes to be very Informative. After 3 years of cleaning hoods I thought Iknew everything. I learned so much that will help me further on In my career. 5 out of 5 would recommend."

- Dustin Moore

"MFS Trade School Is the best thing that is happened In my life. Thanks to this great program I own my business, I have never had a negative experience. When I called them for help with issues I run into, MFS school always has my back!"

- Mauricio Sanchez

"MFS has been fantastic. Supplied me with things that I couldn't clean without. The training was phenomenal. My business is ramping up thanks to the training. Couldn't have done it without MFS."

- Ben Petersen

"MFS is a great training program for all levels of experience in Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning and other programs. My hood cleaning business is steadily growing thanks to MFS. They made it very affordable and easy to learn for all. Their support is always backing you whether you're a rookie or vet. I highly recommend their training and look forward on continually growing"

- Tyson Blanton

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Eligible Courses include: Kitchen Appliance Steam Cleaning, Public Entity Bidding, and Janitorial Restaurant Cleaning.

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