Online - Kitchen Appliance Steam Cleaning

Online - Kitchen Appliance Steam Cleaning

NFPA Code 96 Mandates Yearly Restaurant Cooking Equipment Cleaning by Certified Techs! This is a VERY NEW TRADE with HARDLY ANY COMPETITION ENFORCED BY FIRE INSPECTORS NATIONWIDE!

According to NFPA Code 12.7.2, cooking equipment that collects grease below the surface, behind the equipment or in cooking equipment flue gas exhaust, shall be inspected and, if found with grease accumulation, cleaned by a properly trained, qualified and certified person acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ). With this code now in effect, you have the opportunity to be the first to offer this service to restaurants before the market gets saturated and build a great add on business for your company!!!

Course duration: 5 hours


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What you will learn:

- You will learn the basics of how to safely and professionally degrease and clean commercial kitchen appliances.

- You will learn what type of tools and equipment to use, what chemicals to use and how to get the job done right and in a timely manner.

These basics will help you prevent causing damage to the appliances by using cleaning equipment that can cause short circuiting of the electrical systems or water flooding of the flues or damaging any other working components inside a commercial kitchen appliance.