Online - Janitorial Restaurant Cleaning

Online - Janitorial Restaurant Cleaning

Start a $1M Restaurant Cleaning Business. Every restaurant in the nation cleans their store, front and back, every night, and yet you will find very few companies offering this service! 

This is a “Learn by watching videos” online course shot from an actual live class and is for Employees or Owners that want to get Trained & Certified on how to start a Restaurant Janitorial Cleaning Company. The course also offers phone support to help you grow your business. You need help estimating a job, or selecting equipment, or bidding on a school project, we are here to help you succeed!

Restaurant Janitorial Cleaning is one of the most lucrative services offered to restaurants. Every restaurant in the nation cleans their store, front and back, every night, and yet you will find less than a dozen companies offering this service in your state!!! THIS IS A SOLID, HIGH PROFIT OPPORTUNITY for you to get into for VERY LITTLE MONEY! Learn how to set up, manage and run a successful restaurant cleaning company. Courses are available for both online pre-recorded videos and/or hands-on training in Panama City Beach, FL every other month!

An average nightly cleaning is about $150-$200 or more per night for 1 -2 person about 2- 4 hours per night depending on the size of the restaurant. And because it’s nightly, the profit margins for this service are very good and estimated between $54,000 to $$73,000 per year from each account.

Course duration: 2 hours



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What you will learn:

- Janitorial Restaurant Cleaning Training
& Certification - cleaning in multiple restaurant locations, front of the
house, back of the house, floors and bathrooms!

- Online Training by
watching pre-recoded videos of one night on the field  cleanings done in various restaurant
locations in Panama City Beach in Florida.

- Learn how to
estimate & clean using different cleaning techniques and how to scale your