Enzo Wash Case

Enzo Wash Case

Product Info

  • Specially formulated Non-Toxic, Non-Acid, Non-Alkaline Biological Treatment
  • Digests and liquefies Organic Waste, Grease and Food By-Products
  • Non-Pathogenic and Non-Polluting
  • Reduces Suspended Solids
  • Eliminates Mal-Odor.


  • As a surface spray: This product, with micro-organisms instantly eliminates odors in theaters, restaurants, hotel/motel rooms, and individual homes. Using a trigger sprayer, apply full-strength to carpet , upholstery and surfaces where odors collect. Eliminates urine odors. Cleans bird waste from canopies and awnings.
  • In a carpet extraction machine: Mix one to one with water and clean carpets as directed.
  • In kitchens: Use 4-5 ounces of product daily by pouring directly into sink or floor drain. Allow the product to sit overnight before flushing drains

SDS Sheet: Call our office at +1 (844) 537-5685

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