50' Pressure Washing Hose x 3/8"

50' Pressure Washing Hose x 3/8"

Heavy-duty power washer hose with commercial & household applicability.

Can I Start My Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Business for Under $10,000?

We believe that you can start your own Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning company for a little under $10,000 and that is with all the tools, equipment, trailer, starter chemical and everything ready to clean. With that said, please see what we wrote above where you can also start with a cold-water pressure washer or even with a garden hose, if you had a really low budget to work with. It may take you a lot longer to clean the job, but it can be done!!

Can I Run My Exhaust Hood Cleaning Business From My Home?

You can absolutely start your Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning company from your home and out of your garage and van or trailer until you grow to have a lot of clients and crews cleaning for you.

How Can I learn Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning and Get Certified?

The MFS Trade School is one of the best kitchen exhaust hood cleaning schools in the USA and Canada. It offers both an online self-study course that you can take from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace watching 20 pre-recorded videos taken right from an actual 4-day course, or come to any of our monthly 4-day hands-on trainings done in Orlando Florida! The MFS Trade School will teach you the NFPA Code as it pertains to kitchen exhaust hood cleaning as well as estimating, marketing, how to find work, how to bid on school contracts over $100,000 and much more. You will also learn how to offer restaurants related services such as cooking oil filtration and waste oil collection, which are all part of the training and all our courses!!

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