Certifications: Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

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NFPA Code 96 Mandates Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Hood Systems be Inspected & Cleaned by a Trained, Qualified & Certified Person. This work is ENFORCED BY FIRE INSPECTORS & INSURANCE COMPANIES NATIONWIDE!

Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning otherwise also known as “Vent Hood Cleaning” is a solid business model with high profit margins and is government regulated and enforced by both fire inspectors and insurance companies nationwide for all restaurants.

Hood cleaning refers to the process of thoroughly cleaning and maintaining the exhaust hoods found in commercial kitchens, particularly those used in restaurants and other food service establishments. These hoods are installed above cooking appliances to capture and remove grease, smoke, and other airborne particles, preventing them from spreading throughout the kitchen and posing fire hazards.

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Our Certification is the best. You will learn everything about commercial kitchen exhaust hood cleaning - from how to do the work, marketing to acquire your first restaurant customers, estimating jobs, and understanding the NFPA Code 96 like a fire inspector - taught by a retired government bonded contractor and private fire inspector with 25 years of industry experience.

Online - Hood Cleaning Course for Owners

$7,600.00 $3,800.00

The MFS online self-study course is shot from a live 3-day course and is the most affordable and smartest way to get trained and certified by watching our pre-recorded videos.

Hands On - Hood Cleaning Course For Owners

$9,600.00 $4,800.00

This is a 3-day Hands-On Course in Sanford, FL for Owners and Managers. This course includes 1 year phone support and everything an owner needs to know about how to start and grow a successful kitchen exhaust hood cleaning business.

En Línea - Limpieza de Campanas Extractoras de Cocinas Comerciales Para Propietarios

$7,600.00 $3,800.00

Este es un curso en línea para aprender "viendo videos" y esta filmado desde una clase en vivo real, además está destinado a lospropietariosde una empresa de limpieza de campanas de extracción. El Curso para Propietarios incluye soporte telefónico con preguntas sobre cómo hacer crecer una empresa exitosa.


Alastair Mitchell

Are You an Experienced Hood Cleaner? Get Your Workers Certified Today.

Kitchens are mandated by law to clean their hoods multiple times per year by a certified exhaust hood cleaner. Without Certification, you can run into legal liability for yourself or your business with fire marshals or insurance companies if there is a kitchen fire.

Online - Hood Cleaning Course for Workers

$6,000.00 $3,000.00

This course Includes 2 certifications for Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning and Kitchen Exhaust Hood Inspection as per NFPA Code 96 guidelines.

Hands On - Hood Cleaning Course for Workers

$8,000.00 $4,000.00

This is a 2-day Hands-On Training in Sanford, FL for Employees of kitchen exhaust hood cleaning companies looking to get trained and Certified as an Exhaust Hood Cleaner and Inspector. This course DOES NOT include Marketing, Pricing & Estimating.

En Linea - Limpieza De Campanas Extractoras De Cocinas Comerciales Para Trabajadores

$4,000.00 $3,000.00

Este es un curso en línea y esta filmado desde una clase en vivo real. El código NFPA 96 exige que los sistemas de campanas extractoras de cocinas de restaurantes sean inspeccionados y limpiados por una persona certificada.

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We sell all the equipment you need to start your own restaurant cleaning business at wholesale prices. We have our own cleaning chemical brand specifically for hood cleaning called the Grease Eater, which is strong, safe & affordable. We also sell hot water pressure washers, spin jets, grease pads, plastic and more at wholesale prices!

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