Therma Kleen Model 400
Therma Kleen Model 400

Therma Kleen Model 400

The Therma-Kleen Industrial Grade Dry Steam Machine (Model 400) for cleaning Commercial Kitchen Equipment.

Provides more bang for the buck than any other machine on the market, making it the go to machine for most applications.  

  • Heavy gage industrial Stainless-Steel Body
  • Stainless-Steel hose with heavy duty cover
  • Stainless-Steel Boiler
  • Incoloy Super Alloy Heating Element
  • All fittings are Stainless-Steel/Brass not plastic like others in this class
  • Built-in handle with accessory storage is standard

As we all know, dirt and pathogens do not just reside only on the surface, they find their way into smallest of cracks & crevasse, which is why sanitizing is a problem. To effectively get into these pores requires the higher temperatures 380ᵒ F/193ᵒ C and pressures 160 psi/11 bar of the Therma-Kleen.

The elevated temperature & pressures of the Therma-Kleen allow the superheated Nano vapors to penetrate deeply into the surface pores, scratches, etc. and explosively expel pathogens and dirt particles that may reside there, which results in a much cleaner and more sanitary surface, while also eliminating residing odors.

Therma-Kleen is easy to handle, simple to operate, and its superior operating characteristics and ideal size makes it the machine to own.


  • Low Water Audible Alarm w/Cut-off
  • Temperature Control w/High Cut-off
  • High Pressure Limit Switch
  • High Pressure Relief Valve
  • Continuous Refill
  • Storage on handle for accessories
  • Ability to regulate both Temperature & Pressure

The Therma-Kleen unit is a GREEN MACHINE for there are no chemicals (harsh or otherwise), used in the dry vapor process.

It's the go to unit for cleaning *Medical facilities *Ambulances *Veterinary/Boarding kennels *Restaurants *Locker rooms *Hotels *Industrial equipment *Auto & truck *Schools/Universities *Nursing homes *Fitness centers *Prisons *Food & Agricultural processors, *Killing Odor causing organisms *Manufacturing Tools & Dies *Dental offices *Jewelry *Restaurants *Janitorial services *Laboratories *Rest rooms *Kitchens *Mold & Mildew remediation *Stripping wallpaper *Defrosting ice boxes *Remove grease & grime from vent hoods *Medical equipment *Remediating allergens/asthma pathogens *Oils & grease from industrial surfaces *Decal removal *Killing dust mites, ticks, fleas, bed bugs, Etc.

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